Silver Sage Winery Customer Appreciation Day 2023

Silver Sage Winery Customer Appreciation Day

You Are Warmly Invited To Silver Sage Winery’s Customer Appreciation Day!

Silver Sage Winery Customer Appreciation Day Invitation
  To show our appreciation for our wonderful customers and to thank you for your continued support this year, Silver Sage...


As we are entering a new era and the demand for changing business practices has emerged, we here at Silver Sage Winery have put together the following plan to ensure a safe work place for both staff and customers. Below is a list of the steps that will be taken to help us...


Sage Advice Recipies for April 2018

Pinot Blanc Dessert

Luscious and intense with delicate natural peach and apricot flavours, it’s a taste of the Okanagan and a true winner. Serve it chilled with your favourite dessert, on its own or try these recipes:

Over Fruit

Cut any fruit in bite size pieces, marinate in wine and...


Summer in the Okanagan

Summer is officially here, and it's already one of the hottest on record in the valley. Boats are cruising up and down the lake, sun-worshippers are relaxing on the beaches, and cafe patios are perfect for sipping and people-watching. It's also perfect weather for our grapes at Silver Sage. After a cool winter and mild spring,...