Sage Advice Recipies for April 2018

Pinot Blanc Dessert

Luscious and intense with delicate natural peach and apricot flavours, it’s a taste of the Okanagan and a true winner. Serve it chilled with your favourite dessert, on its own or try these recipes:

Over Fruit

Cut any fruit in bite size pieces, marinate in wine and serve them with cottage cheese or frozen yoghurt


Crush ice in blender, add a can of peaches including the juice

  • 250 ml of Pinot Blanc Dessert
  • Splash of white rum
  • Splash of Peach Schnapps (optional)
  • Splash of ginger ale

The Flame

A unique aperitif wine, combining sweet, hot, and spicy in its blend of late-harvest Gewurztraminer, peaches, apricots, and peppers! A true seafood and meat companion, or try it with chocolate dipped strawberries. A conversation piece and a true challenge for any wine lover. Serve it ice cold or try these recipes:


  • 3 parts clamato (or tomato juice)
  • 1 part Hot Flame on ice
  • Add celery salt
  • Can be added to BBQ meats at the end of cooking
  • Drizzle over open shell oysters


Bursting with rich natural raspberry flavour, a splendid way to enjoy one of BC’s finest fruits. Serve it chilled with your favourite dessert or on its own!

Pour over chocolate dessert or ice cream

Mix with any sparkling beverage

Mix with The Flame 60/40

The Sunset

A distinctive blend of white wine, raspberry and cranberry, and a hint of spice. A beautiful blush wine suitable for all occasions.


A very distinct light port-style wine with intense natural blackberry and black currant aroma. Ideal as a dessert companion, or as a dessert in itself!

Serve at room temperature with a Cuban Cigar as a port style wine

Pour over cheesecake, vanilla ice cream or your favourite dessert


Vodka or Gin

Splash of Pearle

Add frozen berries instead of ice cubes


Deeply rich in natural blueberry flavour, this unique dessert wine has a gorgeous purple-red colour and a distinct perfume. A majestic wine, lovely on its own, and a great cheesecake companion. Serve it ice cold or try these recipes:

Slice bananas and marinate in the Blueberry; serve the on pancakes, crepes or waffles.

Mix with dark rum (Captain Morgan) 60/40 on ice with a generous portion of whip cream

Blueberry Tea

Hot Black Tea

Grand Marnier

Blueberry Dessert Wine